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that they want to see

it again and Bring their Friend.

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3D Projection Mapping for Sangeet. 3d pr...


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Live VJing using 3D projection. 3d proje...

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3D projection act on Volvo S60 car at th...


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Augmented reality (Hulk)

About | Knownsense

Knownsense Studios is a young multidisciplinary design company and
exploiting expertise of its heterogeneous set spanning across the

vocations of 3D projection mapping, animation,Interactive Applications, Augmented Reality and the unlikes.

It is on-the-go all the time with varied projects and simultaneously with the verve to create something new,

it is constantly trying to breathe-in exactly what the name suggests – Known – Sense – in all its projects and actions.






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– William Plomer

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3D Projection Mapping has established itself as the best medium for large scale canvases. Using  projectors to project images on virtually any surface, no matter what the size or type, we are up for it. We  are premium content creators and our main goal is to craft visually striking and engaging narratives. We  have done over 200 projections which are the largest by volume in India.  We cover indoor and outdoor  venues with our custom designed content for weddings, corporate events, award functions, 270 degree projection, Permanent  installation at Museums etc.

 Click here to check out our youtube channel : https://www.youtube.com/user/knownsensestudios






LED Mapping LED’s have come up in a big way in the past couple of years and are a cost efficient visual medium. LED mapping uses LED panels joined together to create a canvas for display removing the need for any physical backdrop. Knownsense Studios has been setting benchmarks by creating innovative set designs and extraordinary visuals, be it Corporate functions, Weddings, Music concerts, Live shows etc. We have created content for some unique LED canvases like 270/360 degree LED walls. We have even combined Projectors and LED to create unique blend of content.

  Click here to check out our youtube channel :https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLqsqcLSrWK3pWk7dNH8jiI2ur9hSQeMVO





Mapping Sutra Knownsense Studios presents 3D Mapping Wedding Packages. Introducing for the first time in India, complete visual content packages  specially designed for weddings with custom entries for Bride & Groom and family members.  The content is designed to take care of the entire visuals needs of your sangeet performances. Now create unforgettable  memories through our stunning visuals using new age mediums like 3D projection mapping and LED  mapping

Click here to Know more : http://knownsensestudios.com/blog/?p=354






360 VR  Virtual reality has taken the world by storm and Knownsense is at the center of it. 360  degree VR is an exciting new way to tell engrossing stories with complete immersive environment.  Knownsense has been offering professional level VR solutions for the last one year.  VR is a perfect tool to immerse your audience at Exhibitions, Live events, Museum Experience Zones, through interactive applications for industrial simulations, social media and the likes.We are not only well versed with the medium to create 360 degree content be it 3D  environment of 3D max, Gamming engine or live shoot using 360 camera rigs, but we also understand the  mediums to showcase it, be it google’s mobile platform or occulus rift’s desktop platform.

Click here to check out our youtube channel :https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLqsqcLSrWK3opO5NPNf8IxvFTy8XNc40x







Interactive Projection is the next evolutionary step in performance arts. We are the pioneers of interactive projection and showcased it for the first time on Indian television on India’s Got Talent 6. Imagine telling a beautiful story through dance or theater where the content understands you, changes with your touch and reacts to your gestures. Knownsense Studios has been actively working with different performance artists and technologies to truly bring the content alive and interact with you.

Click here to check out our Interactive Projection works : https://vimeo.com/131956178 , https://youtu.be/tl3EFn6Mro0?list=PLqsqcLSrWK3oIWCdtz2KNhV2q8KHJpOjy






Augmented Reality Knownsense Studios have been experimenting with this technique with great  success  having done events for partners like MakeMyTrip, Datsun , Ratnatrayee trust and many more. This  medium has the unique advantage of bringing virtual elements to real life. We can transport you to  anywhere in the world, we can make you interact with dinosaurs or help you visualize things which are  not there. Augmented reality has great potential to create massive audience involvement at any event.

  Click here to check out our Augmented reality works : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLqsqcLSrWK3p-LgHSBaUpmbWJY3qLu5dp





Think. Animate. Amaze.The simple motto we live by at Knownsense. We strive to tell great stories and we understand today computer generated visual effects are essential to achieve it. Over the years Knownsense has worked hard with their creative partners to cultivate advanced VFX techniques to provide the right visual solutions which will add that wow factor to your scene. Be it Movies, Short films, Advertisements, Corporate films, large scale theater productions etc we have worked with every medium. We continue to evolve as a go to resource for all our clients who demand standout visuals.

 Click here to check our  work : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ClHm_ZDdCmQ






Prolearner Learning solutions for the 21st century workforce. At Prolearner, we blend our experience  and research based understanding of how people learn with cutting-edge animation & 3D-graphics to  create interactive modules. We are a cross-disciplinary team of educators, scientists, designers &  animators who develop training & skill up gradation programs that engage, educate & entertain. We work  with corporate, institutions and governmental organisations to develop training & skill up gradation  programs that engage, educate & entertain

Click here to check our website and work : http://prolearner.net/

It’s not what you LOOK

at that matters it’s what you SEE.

– Henry David Thoreau

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Do What you do so well that they want to see

it again and Bring their Friend

– Walt Disney

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