360 Virtual Reality- The Road Ahead

A couple of years ago motion sensing technology was the latest trend where every developer wanted to get in on the act and capture the masses. Devices like Kinect, Nintendo Wii, Playstation i etc. were capturing the audiences’ attention by using cameras, sound and motion all together. Today, we have yet another technology that has truly revolutionized the way we perceive things. That technology is called Virtual Reality (VR). The minute one hears the term VR, words like Oculus Rift or HTC Vive instantly come to mind. These are both devices that help the viewer be a part of a so called virtual environment.  Oculus Rift is considered to be the next peripheral for already existing computers and consoles. HTC Vive emulates the same.

Other players like Google are also entering the field with their Google Cardboard Technology. The evolution of VR has been of great interest and general amazement where motion sensing technology was improved. Then came addition of visuals and sound to create a complete viewing experience for the audiences. Today new devices are constantly being developed which are carrying forward the idea of 360 VR. With Oculus rift or with HTC Vive the viewer experiences high end content on PC and consoles, but its relatively limited in its reach. This is where Google cardboard comes into picture because it brings VR to masses through a mobile platform. Google 360° is yet another interesting prospect in this field. Today we’re part of a new phase of development for gaming industry or entertainment sector among many others, where VR is being tried out.

360 VR Knownsense Studios
360 VR Knownsense Studios


But there is still a question that persists:

What is virtual reality?

Going by technical definitions, the computer-generated simulation of a three-dimensional image or environment that can be interacted with in a seemingly real or physical way by a person using special electronic equipment, such as a helmet with a screen inside or gloves fitted with sensors.

Explaining the same concept in layman terms : imagine yourself standing in the movie. Being part of an amazing Pixar movie like ‘The Incredibles’ where you can look around and fight the bad guys along with the superhero family. Or imagine yourself being in ‘Finding Nemo’ swimming across the depth of the ocean among millions of other fish and beautiful corals. Instantly one realizes that this can be the next revolution for the content industry across all platforms.The possibilities of exploring virtual reality and it’s scope is endless.

Knownsense Studios have been experimenting with Virtual Reality for the last 2 years and we’ve had our fair share of successes and failures. Initially we were waiting for the technology (platforms) to be developed so that we can create content for it. Today the technology is mature and we’re capable of producing quality content for VR in a cost effective manner.

VR is predominantly of two types:

True VR where the camera is placed within the environment. Special dome cameras where whole images are rendered accordingly are placed inside the virtual environment to achieve the necessary outcome.

The second method is where we shoot footage directly from cameras and paste it on a sphere to give it a holistic and 360′ impact.

Going ahead we want to cater for additional needs of our prospective customers and look to innovate by introducing traditional VFX into virtual reality. In the past one years we have also realized how important sound is for 360° videos. For every VR project that we undertake, we make sure we used Spatial sound for each of our content where we incorporate 5.1 channel to 7.1 channel sound.

As with any technology, VR too has its restrictions. The mediums of experiencing VR are limited with only a few players in the market on a global scale. In addition, people are not aware of this technology. Cheap mediums for hosting the content and easy availability to the masses will help this take off.

We at Knownsense Studios look to be a part of this new trend by trying to create content for platforms for Virtual Reality and add our twist to the entire process to make the entire visual experience seemingly come to life.

Here are few of our attempts towards creating immersive VR content

Knownsense Studios is also experimenting with real 360 VR video shoot and adding vfx to a 360 degree canvas. We just received our Go Pro Omni rig to take create seamlessly stitched 360 VR videos of professional quality.

If you have an interesting story to be told, which you think requires the immersive experience of 360 VR, do give us a shout. Its the Known Sense.



Team Knownsense

Mapping Sutra

3D Mapping Wedding Packages

Knownsense Studios presents 3D Mapping Wedding Packages. Complete visual packages for your Wedding Sangeet night. Create unforgettable memories through our stunning visuals using new age mediums like 3D projection mapping and LED mapping

 Our Package Includes

  • Unique Set Designs
  • Spectacular Bride & Groom entry
  • Entertaining family entry
  • Customized themes for Bride and Groom
  • Dazzling Home screens
  • Visuals for Popular bollywood songs
  • Choreographed interactive dance
  • Devotional aarti sequence
  • Full show programming
  • Live after party Vjing
  • Media server with backup
  • Team with experience of over 200 projects

Choose the set which is right for you from our large selection of carefully curated set designs. We have created various designs to suit different venue size, design taste and budgets.

Make your Sangeet night personal with our unique customization options. With special chroma shoot incorporation options and our unique home screens, you will have content which reflects you.

Each set has more than 10 amazing themes which can completely transform your decor and can create fantastic photo opportunities. A concept unheard of in traditional decor setups where you can have just one theme to your stage.

Move over random DJ loops running during your Wedding Sangeet performances. We have curated beautiful and relevant visuals for popular Bollywood numbers.

every set has multiple Bollywood song visuals to make your special performance spectacular.

Become the superstar of your show. Let us make your Wedding functions special with special performance entries for you and your family

Special Green screen based entries for you and your family. Recreate scenes which will mesmerize the audience.

Contact us today to look at all the set options and book your dates. Let us create a stunning visual experience for your wedding.

Ph no: +919638241926 , 07940038216
Email: office@knownsensestudios.com
Youtubechannel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZTAyU8_1Y2CSIrYRFSHgt
A Visit our website at : www.knownsensestudios.com






Reliance Life – 270 Degree Projection Mapping

270 Degree Projection Mapping across a canvas of 450 feet.

Ever since our inception, Knownsense studios has been doing 3D projection mapping for large multi nationals across the country and has expanded to doing global projects as well. The biggest of the lot has to be the Reliance Life insurance event held in Mumbai. When the event firm, The Moving Heads approached us they laid down very simple terms for us: A visual spectacle that gives the viewers as well as their corporate partners an immersive feel that makes the audience go ‘Wow!’

Considering that we were privileged enough to be working with the biggest company of India, we knew that the event had to be of a mega scale – probably the largest indoor event India had ever seen.  We needed to create content for a  270’ U-shaped canvas that was a staggering 450 ft x 15 ft. 17 20k lumen projectors were to be used to cover the entire canvas. So after all the calculations regarding effective pixel availability, shortest viewing distance and pixel density we decided to create the content in 19k resolution. The content had to be 19k resolution to achieve clear and crisp visibility of the animation.

To give that immersive feel to the event, the event organizers decided to place the stage in between so that even those on the dais would feel part of the experience. The overall theme for the event was aquatic where we had shown beautiful deep sea fishes that seemed to move seamlessly across the 270’ canvas space. There were several complementary themes according to the event.

reliance 23

Mr. Kapil Dev, Ex India captain and World cup winner was set to give a speech at the event. For his duration of the speech, the aquatic theme had transformed into a stadium. The viewer felt as if they were right on the cricket pitch with several thousand spectators around them giving a grand feeling.

reliance 17

Other themes included a castle and a grand palace. All this was done through 3D projection mapping of the highest quality and in-depth detail. The RIL group also wanted a short, interactive AV clip documenting the legacy of Reliance right from Dhirubhai Ambani to all the accolades and awards that Reliance Life Insurance had been bestowed with.

reliance 21
270 degree projection mapping

The biggest challenge for us was to make the content move seamlessly across such a large dimension without any disruptions and breaks and we were able to achieve that to perfection. The setup for the event took two days where the first day was canvas building and projector setup. On the day before the event the media servers were loaded with the content – each of 4K resolution adding up to give those aesthetically stunning 19K visuals. Trial test runs were conducted to avoid any nasty, last minute surprises. We did run into a few glitches which were immediately resolved by our extremely dedicated team who worked round the clock to make the event a possible.

Needless to say, the event was a grand success with both the client as well as the audience extremely satisfied. The viewers said that they had never experienced anything of the sort in India and were glad to be a part of the same.

Therefore, yet another feather was added to Knownsense studios’ cap by conducting probably the biggest indoor 3D projection mapping event that India had ever seen to absolute perfection with our professional and driven work ethic.

Multi-purpose L.E.D Set

After several queries we finally thought of developing a LED set that would be multi- Purpose. Development of this sets required us to settle for the best balance between customer’s requirement and technical aspects of LED, considering the purpose of this set. The architecture of this LED set is such that it can be incorporated into a number of events be it “weddings”, “concerts” or “corporate events.” During this particular event we customized the screens so as to meet the requirements of a wedding.

Behind the projector-

By the time we created this set we handled quite some LED projections, but we created content such that the simplistic architectural approach of this set doesn’t become a hindrance in creating a grand show for our client.

This projection worked as a grand entrance to the bride and groom. Small video-clips were incorporated in the projection while bride and groom were at the stage. The audience was awestruck with all the splendid energy around the space.

Mapping this set had to be done while keeping in mind pixel count for each individual panel. The trick was to find optimum number of outputs going to a media server. Exact calculation here is a must because too little an output can create restriction and too many can complicate things in context of mapping.

The show had an exquisite closure with Neeti Mohan performing on some of her lively tracks. Enhancing her presence on stage were visuals coordinated with her songs, that binded the audience in an environment of fun and joy.

Majestic Ramayana

This was a huge annual event done by Shree Cements in Beawar, Rajasthan. It was held for all the employees and invited guests from around the world on the auspicious occasion of “Hanuman Jayanti”. In the annual gathering their highlight event was retelling the epic story of Ramayana in a scale unheard of. A 3D projection mapping show was created with their huge corporate building as the canvas. This show was an exuberant journey of devotion brought out and enhanced with technological advancement. The projection show was accompanied by dance performers and fireworks.

Shree Cements has been celebrating “Hanuman Jayanti” at their Beawar, Rajasthan campus for a long time. For two days whole of Beawar along with guests from across the globe are invited to enjoy the festivities. This year Shree cements wanted to do something new and ambitious. they wanted to showcase Ramayana at a grand scale for whole of Beawar to witness. They wanted a 12-15 min show telling the story of Lord Hanuman culminating in a celebration accompanied by fireworks and dance.

Instead of screening Ramayana on a big screen in the same old manner we proposed them why not map the front portion of the Director’s bungalow, an unique 180 ft x 30 ft structure and retell the story of Lord Hanuman using a medium never used before. Not only the scale of the proposed project was huge but also Ramayana had never been told anywhere using 3D projection mapping. So it was finalized to create a 13 min 3D projection mapping show using the front facade of the building to recite the critical moments of Ramayana.

With the unique and complicated architecture, the grandness of the bungalow, the content of the projection, this indeed was one of the most difficult and challenging projection mapping shows by us. The biggest challenge in this project was the scale of the structure and its unique architecture as evident in the attached images. we had to visit the venue multiple times to precisely scan the dimension to create a accurate canvas. the next challenge was deciding number of projectors required and desired brightness calculations. Area covered was 180 ft x 30 ft with mapping elements at varying depth. The dimensions were not flat in one plane but were broken up in 2 side panels,2 ground panels,2 central panels and one huge background panel. For this ten 20,000 lumens projectors were used to achieve unprecedented 200 thousand lumens. Setup took almost 35-40 hours to complete the projector throw calculation and placement, erection of flex frames, setting up live backup media servers and mapping the 3D content. The result was indeed a majestic show of Ramayana leaving everyone speechless.


Augmented Reality – MakeMyTrip and Ratnaworld

Knownsense Studios has been trying to experiment with new technologies and is constantly looking to open up newer avenues to its customers. One such dimension is augmented reality which we have been doing continuously for the last couple of years. Augmented reality is a method where we come up with an illusion where the audience feels transported to the virtual world and seems to interact with the projections. The emphasis has been on Augmented Reality for the past couple of years as it a major attraction for audiences of all ages at events. Augment reality plays with camera angles, shadows and lighting in such a way that the viewer feels part of the virtual environment.

Augmented reality is predominantly of two types – Front Overlay AR and Live Chroma AR. In Front Overlay method, the audience sees the elements in front of them. In Live Chroma AR the viewer experiences not only overlay but also in background. This is achieved through a green screen to create a virtual environment which is much more immersive.


The first of these events was when MakeMyTrip approached us for promotion for one of their packages to Turkey. We decided to create a virtual environment scene using Live Chroma Augmented Reality where we traveled through Istanbul’s streets or took a ride in a hot air balloon at Cappadocia. The audiences later expressed that they felt they were right there in Istanbul giving them an immersive feeling. A visual spectacle, this truly was an event well done.


After this, we continued on our quest to implement Augmented Reality for yet another event. Ratnaworld approached us to help celebrate the 300th book launch of Acharya Vijay Ratnasundersuri Maharaj Saheb Ji held at Sion, Mumbai. They wanted us to come up with innovative ways for the devotees to meet their idol.

The client wanted us to create an event where they wanted the audiences to feel a part of the virtual environment and get an experience of the sanyam jeevan that Maharaj Saheb Ji lives. We decided to recreate scenes where the devotees meet Gurudev at one of the temples and seek his blessings. We actually decided to do green screen shoots at very specific angles to create the perfect illusion. During setup we used an LED wall where one could see themselves, a green screen in the back as well as the flooring with cameras placed matching the content angle.


To create the content we used 3D modelling to create the environment. In addition, the content was a mixture of 2D, 3D and live shoots. This gave us the perfect illusion.

The event had several crowd pullers where the devotees could take ashirwaad from Acharya Vijay Ratnasundersuri Maharaj Saheb Ji and visit Jain holy temples like Sankeshwar Maharaj and Junagadh Parvat. We were able to create a special scene where Tappu from ‘Tarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma’ inaugurates the book. The audiences could even go interact with him and this turned out to be a big crowd attraction at the event. In addition to that, we had several interactive games for the kids to try out and have fun with.


The biggest challenges for us were to design the content in such a way that it creates an illusion even for a large audience. To achieve that, the cameras was placed with a low angle with a larger field of view. Also the virtual environment needed to have good enough floor space where the crowd can be projected. special video slicing techniques were used to prevent people from overlapping on the virtual content like Tappu.

Knownsense studios are always in a pursuit to create innovative content and experiences for their audiences and have established a niche for themselves.



Kanha – A Divine Adventure

Knownsense was proud to be a partner for a one of its kind Hindi theater Event – “Kanha – A Divine Adventure” executed from the 13th to 15th of January 2016 at Shanmukhananda Hall (Sion E). It was a two hour show for each of the three days. For the first time ever in the  Indian Drama scene was an LED digital Mapping Technique used for a spectacular and mind boggling effect.

The event was supported by ISCKON (Mumbai) who wanted to spread the Krishna consciousness as they see good getting depleted in this society and people forgetting about the supreme power. It was done in association with Lotus Feet and Line Productions, both based in Mumbai. The play was Written by the veteran script writer Mr. Sabyasachi Deb Burman and directed by Mr. Pramod Vitthal Shelar, a theatre artist. With these stellar names backing us, we knew we had to deliver…and deliver we did.

The show was woven around the transcendental pastimes of Lord Sri Krishna, which for time immemorial, have been celebrated and meditated upon by the greatest personalities and mystics of this world. The execution of the show was to be done such that the viewer will get a feel that they are actually present on the occasion of Krishna-Leela and are a part of the divine-act. To make this possible, for the first time ever in Indian drama, an LED Mapping Projection Technique bringing to life a 3D-easque effect was used to perfection and gave a spectacular, larger than life experience.

This show, apart from connecting the masses to Krishna Consciousness, also provided the participating children a platform to showcase their talent and thus boost their confidence and give them an opportunity, as many of them are from the underprivileged sections of the society.

Revolving around krishna leela, we had to recreate legendary mythological scenses such as Vasudeva’s escape from the prison, Krishna’s encounter with Putna, Krishna’s fight with Kalia or the legendary fight with Kansar. Our team was able to recreate the scene where it seemed like Krishna was lifiting the Govardhan Parvat. Epic scenes on stage were achieved by integrating VFX, 3D Animation and making the whole act come to life. Music and content was in sync with the actors moves and expressions creating an interactive feel for the audiences.

The set was LED mapped. Green-screen shots of different characters were also incorporated in the content. The artists had to be properly briefed about the interactive parts in the projection. Their positioning had to be in sync with our screening. We had to work hard to get the shots right with the actors in the same screen space to complement the background.

An unheard of and never been done before event made it a tough task from sides for our team of creative geniuses. The actors and our team worked diligently and in cohesion to make it a successful event which was a visual delight for the spectators over the course of two days.



The Quest – Giving Dance A New Dimension

Knownsense Studios has now established themselves as one of the pioneers of 3D Projection Mapping in India with having done more than 100 event in the country as well as abroad. For us one of the challenges is to constantly keep creating and bring in new dimensions to our distinct portfolio. One of those dimensions was Interactive Dancing which we introduced in India’s Got Talent 6. Having made it to all the way to the semi finals, we got great reviews from the judges as well as audiences on a national scale.

Carrying forward and seeking to constantly experiment, Bayer Group provided us with an opportunity to bring projection mapping to a corporate setting for their event ‘The Quest’ held in Jaipur, India. The event management company Pegasus approached us on behalf of Bayer to create a curtain raiser for their 2016 meeting titled ‘The Quest’ which eventually led to the revealing of the logo in front of hundreds of top professionals from varied industries.

Bayer wanted a unique performance as the curtain raiser of the event.  They wanted the performance to be around the theme of  market uncertainties and mechanisms to fight it. Pegasus pushed the idea of Interactive projection mapping performance as the best solution for the same. For us, creating a performance which not only had a story line with dance as a medium, but also interactive in nature was indeed a challenge.

We approached Ankit Dave, a proficient dancer and along with him we choreographed the entire set. The entire performance was a culmination of dance, music and animations. There were multiple times where we had to mould the animations and music to the dancer’s moves and there were times the dancer had to come up with new steps to gel with the animations in the background. Animations were designed and tested through multiple stages with consent of the dancer and the company. The ultimate aim was to have complete synergy between the dancer as well as the animations going on in the background.


With an overall projection setup that incorporated LED’s,  this was going to be a interesting ask of us but our team was ready for it. The canvas (total projection surface) was 30 feet x 13 feet and had three LED screens of 10 feet x 7 feet to go along. We used a single 20K lumen projector for the center element, while also using the 3 LED screens as an integrated canvas. We created a background that gave the audiences a captivating feeling as if the content was travelling across all three screens seemlessly.


Needless to say, after brainstorming and working hard leading up to the event, the show went on smoothly without any glitches and the audiences were left amazed with the sheer grandeur of the logo revelation and the event as a whole. With completion of ‘The Quest’, Knownsense Studios added yet another feather to its cap and has been able to truly distinguish itself from its competitors in the market.


Lights, Camera, Projection!


A bunch of youngsters, a couple of projectors, an idea & a set. That’s how Knownsense Studio started  & what was till now just a decent start-up, had suddenly got an opportunity, to make it big.

Year 2015, shall always be the year, where we launched ourselves on the national scene, with our debut on television.
Projection Mapping, till now was only showcased to the select live audience & here we had the opportunity to reach out to every single household in India, every weekend from 9 pm to 10 pm on India’s Got Talent!

Ever since it started, Knownsense Studios has been doing projection mapping for corporates – their product launches, marriages, anniversaries, branding & promotional events, tourism campaigns & what not. While we were setting benchmarks in India and also winning awards for our 3D mapping projects, one thing kept us pestering always- “How to take 3D projection mapping further? What’s the next evolutionary step for it?” We also had an answer and it was INTERACTIVITY but we were looking for the right platform to launch it. And, then it happened. One fine day, we got a call from the team of India’s Got Talent (the premium talent show of India) & that was it. Our campaign began with the Ahmadabad auditions and confidently, we cleared it. It was a new concept; which had the potential of going far; on the basis of technology & also the uniqueness showcased.
What was till now an attempt to explore new mediums of presentation, suddenly took a more serious turn, as our next projection was going to be held at Mumbai, in Film City and the jury was going to be none other than Mr. Karan Johar, Ms. Mallaika Arora Khan & Mrs. Kiran Kher!
And yes, there was competition as well.

Act 1 : Dance

Interactive Dance Projection


This was our first attempt at Interactive projection using dance, that too on television and it was important not only for us, but also for our act to be a success as well. It would lay the foundation for the glorification of Interactive 3D Projection Mapping in India. After a lot of brainstorming, we decided to dedicate our first act to Dance. Projection Mapping showcased through various dance moves, in coordination with the music & enhanced by the effects put up on the background, would definitely make up for an interesting recipe for the audience. So, equipped with our gear (of computers & projectors), team KS (Knownsense) arrived at Mumbai & there started our story to glory. We were provided an extremely talented choreographer by the IGT team who through his moves made the act go live. We selected a 50’s Kishore Kumar song and dedicated the same to our vivacious, beautiful & evergreen judge cum actress-model Mallaika. And boy, did she like it! The technically sound Karan Johar & the highly experienced Kirron Kher, were quick to observe & realize the untapped potential of our act & within moments of our act, we were a sure shot entry to the next round. The judges expected something bigger & better and deep down inside, we knew that it was coming.

Act 2 : Horror



After a selection to round 2, our confidence was high. However, having been to Mumbai, we did get an idea of what the competition was & if we had to go to the next level, we had to do something different.
The beauty of our showcased talent was that it stood out from the rest. Not because we were doing something better than the others, but because we were the only ones who were using technology for entertainment & interaction. This was very much observed and appreciated by the judges who did mention that, for the first time on IGT, they had a technology oriented act & that ‘too’ from the traditional state of Gujarat!
There has always been a varied talent pool showcasing their skills on IGT, but never has one put technical skills to such a level, where without making one’s presence on the screen, they had to make an impact.
This time though, we had lesser time to prepare & a tougher challenge ahead. Some out of the box thinking got us to the concept of showcasing horror on a large scale. Bigger Sets, Bigger Projectors, Bigger Effects & Loud Noise. And obviously, this time, we decided to have a story in the act as well. Acted upon by our own in-house talented rookie team members, the act of “Manjulikaa” sent shivers during the shoot & the audiences were overwhelmed by this fear. Projection had made possible the inevitable & for a second, the judges felt that Manjulikaa was there everywhere, screaming, shouting & “interacting”. To get appreciation is great but to get a standing ovation from the judges, is simply amazing. And this act gave us just that. The bar was raised and we were now to be taken seriously. “Manjulikaa” made us popular in its own unique way & yes, in the process, we defeated our competition. We also set a record of sorts as the complete act was conceptualized, prepared & presented in less than 10 days!

Act 3 : Mythology



We had become popular by now. Team KS was now into the Semi-Finals of India’s got Talent! Only a select few make it this far & we could feel the tension now.
We had given our audiences a dance act, a horror act & now we had to give them something different. In came Mythology & thus landed Pavan-Putra Hanuman! India has always followed religion but never mixed it with science. Our act was to do that. Using technology to showcase mythology, was always going to work. We just needed to take our chances. And we did. At a set double the size of the earlier sets (120 ft x 25 ft) & by the use of LED’s that were simultaneously matched to the light of three mammoth projectors (20000 lumens!), team KS was geared up to showcase it big! Our Hanuman had the power to cause enough of an impact with his armor. The 3.5 minute act, highlighted the importance of Hanuman in Ramayana & visually, it was a treat to watch the projection done by us. The judges loved the act. Although now, the selection was to be done based on the votes given by the viewers.

Results : An Interactive Experience

We didn’t go beyond. But what we did though, was highlight how technology could be used to entertain people & make an impact, to such an extent, that one starts feeling it inside him.
Interactive 3D Projection Mapping, brought to you by Knownsense Studios, is not just an act, but an experience, and gives you much more than what is expected of it. It will surprise you, scare you, amuse you, mesmerize you. Our journey through IGT is just the beginning & we assure you of more such entertaining acts in the future as well.

And before we end- It’s Lights, Camera & Projection!!

Rajwada Set – The Royal Experience

This Rajwada set was built with an intention to give our client a royal experience. Right from the architecture built up to the content of the projection, we kept in mind the feel of a majestic get-up. The intricacy in the elements used reflects an imperial look and feel. This set gave the bride and groom an extravagant entrance. Afterwards, the entire family was introduced and gave a warm greeting to the guests who were spell-bound by the awestruck space created.

 behind the scenes

This projection mapping show was planned for a “Sangeet” event. The client came with the idea of creating a grand palace. The basic inspirations for this set were royal “Marwad palaces.”

The final set was created with minute and intricate details. The challenge here was to create a physical set that would match all the fine points provided in AutoCAD/ 3D plan. After collaboration with the   Line Production, the set was finally created with immense care and precision.

The content involved introduction of the bride and groom, their entire family. To get this done, we organized a green screen shoot of the entire family at the client’s location only. We got a lovely experience to interact with the beautiful family and made a part of this entire venture. Afterwards the content of this projection was created with absolute accuracy and concern. The content had to appeal and bring forward the majestic look and feel of the set.

More complicated the set is, harder it is to map. During projection each and every detail of the content had to match the set.

Another prime concern of a projection mapping show is brightness. To attain the perfect visual appeal of the set, approximately 45,000 lm brightness was used which was very well coordinated with the light crew.

This particular projection holds a very special place in our hearts not only because of the grandness of the scale or intricate and challenging content because this project brought us close to our client who were very welcoming to us and made us a part of their wedding.